Board of Directors

Executive directors:
Ms. LAI Ka Yee Gigi
Mr. MA Ting Wai Barry

Independent non-executive directors:
Mr. CHENG Fu Kwok David
Mr. CHENG Yuk Wo
Mr. LI Wai Kwan

Company Secretary

Mr. Lo Tai On, CPA

Head Office

Room 1605,
16th Floor,
Leighton Centre,
77 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong

Registered Office

Cricket Square,
Hutchins Drive,
P.O. Box 2681,
Grand Cayman, KY1-1111,
Cayman Islands

Auditors and Reporting Accountants

Ernst & Young

Hong Kong Share Registrar

Tricor Investor Services Limited,
Level 22,
Hopewell Centre,
183 Queen’s Road East,
Hong Kong