Miricor is a medical aesthetic service provider in Hong Kong and has two medical aesthetic centres operating in prime locations in Causeway Bay and Central under our brand “CosMax”. We offer a broad range of non-surgical medical aesthetic services and skin care products to our clients with an aim to improve their skin conditions as well as to enhance their physical appearance. We provide an all-round treatment solution that is tailored for our clients’ individual needs. These treatments are performed by our doctors and/or trained therapists. In addition to our treatment services, we offer skin care products to our clients to improve their skin conditions and enhance the results of the treatments, including those under our brands, CosMax named “CosMax” and “Cospeutic”, and other branded products. The CEO of our group, Mrs Gigi Ma, is actively involved in our daily business operations and acts as a prominent icon of our business. Her public image has enhanced our brand awareness in Hong Kong, and helped to attract new clients through word-of-mouth, which support the continuous growth of our client base and business operations.
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