Desire for perfect beauty is a human nature, especially for women. Continuous pursuit of beauty has become my passion and I am keen on further developing this enthusiasm to help others to become more beautiful. Improving others’ appearances and helping them to regain confidence in life brings me great satisfaction. My former experiences in the film and television entertainment industry served as a springboard to nurture my interest in aesthetics and thereafter having been deeply inspired by my brother’s idea of bringing aesthetics and science together, I believe that with the assistance of medical science and technology achieving beautification and improving one’s appearance by non­-surgical means is only one step away.

In the past few years, we have been constantly staying abreast of medical innovation, bringing in the latest technologies to provide bespoke treatments tailored to the needs of each of our valued clients, whilst prioritizing our clients’ wellbeing and safety to be a conscious business enterprise gaining the trust and confidence of our customers and a good reputation.

I also believe that a successful enterprise is built by the concerted efforts of all employees. Therefore, we treasure talents and see each one of our professional employees as our company’s greatest asset. We are relentless in enhancing our resource management, attracting and empowering experienced employees through training and professional development, committed to enhancing the professionalism in our services and keeping pace with technological advancement and innovation in order to prepare ourselves for the new challenges brought by the enormous potential of the medical aesthetics industry.

In future, we will dedicate our efforts in deepening our market penetration and broadening the variety of our treatment services and product offerings in order to enhance our influence on the market. Our Group will aim to achieve excellence and will continue our growth in professionalism and innovation and strive towards a new era.

Gigi Ma